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  • Susan B Shapiro
    Operations Strategist

    Tel. 212-452-0070

Why “Bralan”

As I’m often asked where the name “Bralan” came from, here’s the story:

Bralan Consulting was named in memory of my brother, Alan R. Shapiro, who died in a road accident in May, 2005. A few months after  his death my sister-in-law asked me to teach her how to create a PowerPoint presentation, something my brother had always done for her. After getting her started, she asked me to email her a list of all the other technology I could help her with – the stuff that Alan use to handle. It was her suggestion that I combine my skill with technology and my ability to teach, and start my own business. When I decided to proceed, it was important to me that my brother’s name be part of my company name; it was important to my sister-in-law that I somehow include the fact that he was my brother. The “Br” in Bralan stands for brother, and the rest is for Alan.