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  • A better understanding of your technology and updated processes lead to improved efficiency.

  • Improved efficiency leads to greater productivity.

  • Greater productivity leads to growth and success.

Susan Shapiro on Exit This Way

by Kerri, Author at This Way Out Group

Susan Shapiro was interviewed by Exit This Way™ host Kerri Salls on how to add more hours to your day.

From the interview:

Susan’s passion is to help companies grow and help employees find balance. By ensuring users have the right technology customized to their needs and implementing an effective work process that allows them to be proactive rather than reactive, she helps companies drive increased productivity without increasing the number of hours worked.

1. Why I tell people my job is to ask questions

If you ask someone for advice on what technology resource to get – e.g., a CRM system – and they respond without asking how you will use it, are you really getting the right resource for your needs? Susan’s approach is to start with why to discover the true need first.

2. Learning how to use the technology around you leads to less wasted time.

Susan gave great examples of professionals who could not use the technology themselves, and were relying on someone else to do the basics for them. She emphasized that this is a major waste of time for everyone and how she helped them.

One was a manager who had no client management system and was not tracking client assignments on his team. Using the tools they had in-house, Susan was able to streamline a process to make the manager and the entire team more productive.

Another story was of an attorney who still hand wrote email responses for his ‘secretary’ to type up and send. He wasn’t comfortable with using the technology and b) he didn’t know how to copy/paste. With training, he started pulling his own weight for the firm.

Susan stated that for any of us, when you get distracted from the task at hand it takes 20 minutes to get fully immersed back into your work again. Multiply 20 minutes by each interruption in the day – the hours add up fast. And when you fix the interruptions, the freed up time adds up fast too.

3. The importance of taking the time to customize your tools

Susan talked about work-a-rounds that take ‘just a few minutes more’, but those minutes add up to more wasted time.

4. Improving workflow through Process documentation improves communication and efficiency

Susan recommends if two or more people are assigned to a task, they should be following the same process. She used the example of a summer hotel where the investor could not figure out why the hotel wasn’t ready for opening day.

5. Why you need a CRM system (customer relationship management)

Susan believes every company will be more productive and save time if they have and use a CRM system. She says as you build out your database of leads and contacts, it’s easier to cultivate them, know what’s going on with each of them, and be in a position to build stronger relationships; because you record those details in a central place. That database, especially if it’s kept current is a real asset of the business.

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