• We teach you and your team to be more efficient, confident and comfortable with your technology so that it is the tool it’s meant to be, not a time consuming hindrance.

    Would you like to increase your revenue without working more hours?

    Take charge of your day!

    We work with you to:

    • Identify areas for improvement within your company processes
    • Implement improved processes
    • Find the best technology  solutions for your business goals
    • Train on efficient use of your technology
    • Inform and guide on Social Media best practices

    From organizing your time to managing your Email Inbox, we help you be more productive each day.


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Do you have the right technology to support your business requirements?

If you ask someone which solution you should get and they tell you, they are just giving their opinion. To find the right technology resource for your business, it’s necessary to understand your true need.

Bralan Consulting works with you to define your requirements and find the right solution. The next step is to ensure it is properly implemented, documented, and that the users are trained on best practices.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Whether you’re a company of 1 or thousands, the right CRM solution will ensure that all of your clients’ information is available when needed.

Bralan will meet with your team to understand your requirements to find the right solution that will allow you to effectively manage your business relationships.

Business Process Improvement

Are your technology resources enhancing office productivity? If not, let Bralan work with you to improve/create your workable process.


Do you have documented processes?

Do you have easy to follow user guides for your technolgoy?

How much time and/or money is your business losing due to a lack of knowledge as to how/when to use your resources?

If you answered no to any of these questions you could be leaving revenue on the table.

Contact Bralan Consulting to learn about our documentation service.

Mobile Devices

Do you take full advantage of your mobile devices?

A smart phone is more than just a device to call people. Your mobile devices are a valuable resource if you configure them to work for you.

Resume Writing


Are you thinking about a new job or career?

Do you have a professional resume?

A resume is more than just listing your most recent job. With only seconds of a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention, you need to develop a document that quickly highlights your skills. I work with my clients to help them define their true passion and expertise, and ensure that these are reflected in their resume and presentation.