Susan Shapiro, owner of Bralan Consulting, has experience working for companies of all sizes, across various industries. From corporate America to a start-up, from global project management to procurement, to sales and human resources, Susan has learned "the what" of what gets in the way of proactive growth. The result - a passion for helping companies and individuals choose the right resources, and implement processes that allow them to move forward.

"Bralan" - it's all in a name

I’m often asked where the name “Bralan” came from. Here’s the story:

Bralan Consulting was named in memory of my brother, Alan R. Shapiro, who died in a road accident in May, 2005. A few months after  his death my sister-in-law needed help creating a PowerPoint presentation, something my brother always did for her. After getting her started, she asked me to email her a list of all the other technology I could help her with – the stuff that Alan use to handle. 

It was her suggestion that I combine my skill with technology, and ability to teach to start my own business. When I decided to proceed, it was important to me that my brother’s name be part of my company name; it was important to my sister-in-law that I include the fact that he was my brother. The “Br” in Bralan stands for brother, and the rest is for Alan.

Through the efficient use of technology and effective process implementation you can improve your time management and increase productivity, allowing you to change from a reactive culture – putting out fires – to a proactive culture focused on growth. Started as a company to teach business leaders how to manage with their technology,  Bralan Consulting has expanded to focus on operational efficiency, process improvement and documentation.